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Welcome to AASR

AASR is a theoretical linguistics reading group at Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China) initiated by Dr. Chenchen Song in January 2022. Its members are mainly local students interested in formal (especially generative) approaches to human language grammar. The name AASR is due to the first book read in the group: An Annotated Syntax Reader (Kayne, Leu & Zanuttini 2013). We currently have two main subgroups, one for syntax and the other for semantics. See the Groups page for more info.
Throughout the academic year, we meet weekly at lunchtime (UTC+8) on Wednesday in a local café (called Tsing Ho) to discuss a book chapter or a paper and share our thoughts, perspectives, and questions. Our working language is English. Each member of the group has the chance to chair some sessions (we take turns!). Occasionally, we also hold special sessions if we find a topic particularly interesting.

We hope to deepen our understanding of various aspects of human language through in-depth reading and open-minded discussion. While the reading group is physically based in Hangzhou, we normally proceed in a hybrid fashion (due to COVID-19) and welcome new members to join in from everywhere in the world.


These logos were originally designed by Yili Xia (first) and Xiaoke Bu (second).

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About Us


Zhejiang University

Zijingang Campus


Zhejiang Province

China 310058


aasrling AT gmail DOT com


Current: Xiaoke Bu (since July 2023)

Former: Yili Xia (April–June 2023)

This website was kindly designed by Yili Xia in April 2023, who remains its sudo administrator for technical issues. For general issues about the reading group, please contact the current administrator at the email address listed above.  

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